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Job Interview

We can't afford to lose more of our neighbors to surrounding states. That starts with an economic environment that creates the kind of jobs that keep families at home.

Taxi On Road

We need an infrastructure plan that works for all New Yorkers. That means parity for Upstate and the MTA. Repairing roads and bridges and getting a train system that runs on time.

Men with Calculator

All New Yorkers can agree; the cost of living in our state is too high. We need to alleviate the pressure by lowering state tax rates and making the tax cap permanent.

Smiling Lawyer

Enough with the corruption, we've seen too much. We need term limits for elected leaders, a database of all state deals, and politicians shouldn't be allowed to use their campaign dollars when the get into legal trouble.


Make New York more affordable and a more attractive place to live.
Lower the tax burden on families and job creators
Restore faith and accountability in state government
Repair roads and bridges Upstate and Downstate
Give each child and teacher a chance to be successful in our school systems
2% Property Tax Cap
The School Tax Relief Program (STAR) job creators
Megan's Law, requiring the registration of sex offenders​
Jenna's Law, eliminating parole for violent felony offenders​
A restoration of $90 million to the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and their non-profit caregiver​
Decoupling standardized tests from teacher evaluations
Ending the Gap Elimination Adjustment Education Cuts​
Stripping corrupt politicians of their taxpayer-funded pension
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